Linking Cultural Heritage to the Jobs of the Future.

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Metropolis is an Erasmus + funded project that links cultural Heritage to the Jobs of the Future. The objective of the project is to provide an innovative digital resource for guidance professionals that will help young people learn about the employment potential in post-industrial areas through an engagement with the past.

The platform will challenge young peoples’ stereotypes of their local area by highlighting the value of industrial heritage. Through interactive city maps the platform will create a geo-map game, similar to Pokémon Go or a treasure hunt, where users explore their city and discover the jobs that existed prior to deindustrialization, young people will be able to explore their local area and gain a better understanding of the legacy of the industrial past and an insight into the jobs of the future.   


A project transnational team from Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Belgium Moncea and England will develop this platform


Whilst the project looks to produce a tool and approach that can be used in a variety of cities across Europe, each partner will use a local regional city as a test case. The experiences of developing these tools will then feed into a practitioner toolkit, which will be designed to allow advisors from across Europe to both make the most of the project’s outputs in their work with young people, and understand how they can develop similar resources in their own city.