Charleroi has grown since it was a little village in the first half of the 17th century, living in self-sufficiency, Charleroi has rapidly evolved to become the first Walloon (French Speaking) metropolis. The territory development was due to the intelligence of the men and women who lived there, they were able to benefit the available natural resources like coal, glass, and steel.


Charleroi and its half and millions of inhabitants saw the emergence of some famous industrialists, scientists, and innovators who contributed to the renown of the region.

 Charleroi is known both industrial and bourgeois, bohemia and trendy city just like the inhabitants and the cultural actors. The old industry and the sad walls are now perfect places for artists, heaps are climbing places with spectaculars landscapes, the ring is photographed and the metro became a tourist vehicle.


The incredible metamorphosis of the town isn't finished yet, tomorrow, it will be different but still unavoidable.